Rocket Warrior

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Goblin Sword
Rocket Warrior
An alien trooper soldier. He is equipped with an arm canon and rocket-pack that enables him to hover in mid-air.
A native inhabitant of "Dark Caverns". It isn't hostile but will cause damage if confronted.
These disguised sentries have been installed by the enemy to keep away intruders.
This elite alien soldier uses advanced tracking technology to lock on his target.
A dangerous trap. It will detonate when enemy movement is detected in close proximity.
You will defeat a lot more enemies before you reach the end of your adventure.
Equip this item and your stock of missiles will double.
A high-tech gadget that attracts coins in close vicinity.
These A.I. powered devices revolve around you, destroying incoming threats.
This rocket variant utilizes a fusion engine that emits a blue flame.
A powerful weapon that destroys every enemy on screen.
More items await you during the course of the game.
Unlock costumes and powerful items. No playthrough is the same.
Do you have what it takes
to get all 144 stars?
Designed for high scores that will challenge even the best players.
Unlock Achievements and compete with the all-time best players!
Tilt the device to move, tap on the screen to shoot missiles.
Full support for iPhone 5
and iPod Touch 5th Gen.
Version 1.1
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